Squarespace vs WordPress – Ease of Use

Last updated on May 29, 2014 By Jeremy Wong

The learning curve of WordPress is a lot steeper than Squarespace.  WordPress is a very powerful platform and because you can potentially modify the codes, a skilled developer can customize a WordPress however he/she wants to. But are you a skilled developer?

With Squarespace, even though it is a bit more restrictive when it comes to customizing a website, Squarespace is built in a way that it is a lot easier for a non-tech savvy person to learn how to use it.

Squarespace is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder. Meaning that when you drag and drop pictures, text, slideshows, etc directly into the website builder, you immediately get a glimpse of how the website will look like “live” as you are building the website.

With WordPress, when you are inserting information, you can’t see what it really looks like on the page until your Preview the page or Publish it.

Further, with a drag and drop builder such as Squarespace, you can quickly and easily drag content into the website and position it however you want for each of your webpage.  In other words, you can pretty much create any layout you want since you just need to drag and drop content, however you want, on to the page.  You don’t need to know how to code or need any external tools to help you do this.

With WordPress, if you want to adjust the spacing of where the images sit, or add a slideshow on the top right corner of one page, and on the lower left corner of another page, this gets very tricky.  You may need to modify codes to accomplish this, or spend hours looking for the right WordPress plugin to help you accomplish this task.  Not to mention you won’t really know if the plugin will eventually cause issues with your website.


Squarespace makes it easy for beginners to advance level users to build websites.  The fact that you can drag and drop content wherever and however you want, makes it a much user friendly way to build your website without committing weeks to learn how to use WordPress properly.

Although WordPress is a much more powerful platform, if you don’t want to dive face first into learning the technology of how to work it, or spend what can potentially be a lot of money to hire developers or designers to help you create a website, I’d suggest you give Squarespace a try.